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Neo does not only promote connections, it promotes results!

Neo Ventures is a company that develops and executes projects for large companies, governments and innovation environments whose representatives believe that partnerships with startups and technology centers are competitive differentials for the survival and transformation of their institutions.

Large Companies

We generate value for large companies through improved culture, capacity building, new business development, processes, efficiency gains and positioning.


We generate value for startups by developing new projects and sales.

Innovation Ecosystem

We generate value for innovation environments by generating business and attracting talents



Have you thought about measuring the stage of the company in the area of innovation? Does your company have internal innovation cases? Does your company have open doors to new partnerships to develop new solutions, be it new products or new processes? Have your company representatives worked or are you interested in working with Startups?

We can do a preliminary analysis for you!

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Our Management Team

We are a passionate team for technological, economic and social evolution and we believe that generating value for our customers and partners, we follow our purpose.

Vinícius Roman

Technical Director

"Success happens when preparation meets an opportunity." Carlos Martins.

Bruno França Pádua

Executive Director

When working with innovation in large companies, we identify that the people and culture of the company are the keys to their survival and transformation.

Andreas Flugs

Senior Consultant

"If you want to build a ship, do not call people to gather wood or assign them tasks, but rather teach them to desire the infinite immensity of the ocean." Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Carnelutti Spinelli

Corporate Accelerator

"Innovating is not easy, being stopped is worse."

Carolina Lima

Marketing/Corporate Accelerator

Caroline Nobre

Corporate Accelerator

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower." Steve Jobs.

Fernanda Rodrigues

Corporate Accelerator

"The most exciting breakthrough of the twenty-first century will occur not because of technology, but because of an expanding concept of what it means to be human" - John Naisbitt

Gabriela Laguardia

Corporate Accelerator

"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek." Barack Obama.

Gilmar Oliveira

Corporate Accelerator

"Every day do something that you are afraid of, that gives you cold in the belly. We gain strength, courage and confidence in every experience we truly stop to face fear."

Jéssica Rangel

Corporate Accelerator

"Be something you want to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi

Laura Lamas

Corporate Accelerator

"La mente que se abre a una nueva idea nunca volverá a su tamaño original." Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Mateus Farias

Corporate Accelerator

"The future is a comfortable place to leave dreams." Anatole François.

Thomas Spadinger

New Business Manager

"A vision without action is just a dream. Action without vision is just a pastime, but a vision with action can change the world." Joel Barker.

Our work is guided by focus on results, transparency, collaboration and protagonism.

Recent Team Cases

The program was intended to support initiatives by entrepreneurs and scientists to develop technological innovation projects for the mining and metallurgy industry. The program has already returned 4.8x of the amount invested.







4.8x Return of the amount invested

Fibria Insight seeks new ideas, innovative solutions and new technologies in the pulp and paper sector and in the development of new businesses, selecting and supporting projects and startups that have solutions directed to the segments of microfibrillar pulp and packaging of pulp bales.







25 hours of Training and Mentoring

Pioneering initiative
among the federations of Industries in Brazil, FIEMG Lab embraces new business impact and enables acceleration of all of them.





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Fibria Insight
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Fiemg Lab

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