Target will accelerate Gen Z people to save the world

return Posted in 11 de October de 2018

Target will accelerate Gen Z people to save the world

*This article was originally written in portuguese and it was translated automatically


Starting from October 29, the North American retailer Target will select projects of people with the “Z generation mindset” with projects that aim to transform the world into a better place to live. Applications were opened on 08/10.

Target already has a history of running some new business acceleration programs, but this time, something that stands out is the more open theme and focus on people who have the characteristic behavior of young generation Z. Be an entrepreneur, detached, multi-tasking, global thinking and high expectations are hallmarks of Generation Z, made up of young people born around the year 1995. The program takes 8 weeks long, has transportation and lodging costs included and has a US contribution $ 10 thousand for each project with a maximum of two people.

We note that more and more companies like Target have invested in helping entrepreneurs develop new businesses through acceleration programs that are not necessarily 100% aligned with their core business. The company’s learning from such entrepreneurs, and the company’s assistance to them, have justified their investment in such programs. Of course, even projects that are not aligned with what the company at first wants, fantastic ideas followed by executing excellence can draw the attention of the company to the point of being considered good business and invested by it.

Learn more about Target’s incubation program by clicking here.

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