Mining Hub and We Work opening in Belo Horizonte, MG

return Posted in 23 de November de 2018

Mining Hub and We Work opening in Belo Horizonte, MG

What happens when a market sector gathers to seek innovative alternatives to strengthen its business? Have you stopped to think that maybe you have some startup or research group with a project that will solve a problem of your company, but without investment for the solution?

This is an unprecedented program of the Mining Hub – Hub of Mining developed by large mining companies in partnership with WeWork. The program will be carried out jointly with startups in order to develop solutions for technological and operational challenges common to all companies. 

The initiative integrates WeWork Labs and has the support of IBRAM – Brazilian Mining Institute, with the participation of Neo Ventures, which will help companies achieve high impact results through the program.

On November 22, WeWork opened a new space in the mining capital and Mining Hub will occupy one of six floors in the coworking building, which is considered the largest company in the segment of space-for-work sharing in the world.

So,  do you want to know more about it? Click here.

*This article was originally written in portuguese and it was translated automatically

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