Home office is not innovation

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Home office is not innovation

In the collapse of COVID 19, several companies adopted the alternative way of work for their employees: home office!.

Wait! We believe the future of work is associated with many practices, including home office. Our team have had the option of working from home when it was made necessary, however, if the company’s culture is not compatible with the practice, it will not make sense to send your colaborators home  the productivity may decrease and the results may not be as expected.

Following we are going to point out itens that can turn the practice of home office innovative:

Collaborators’ productivity:

A HBR study has shown that productivity can increase up to 13.5% when working from home, because it is possible to perform the tasks without interruption. Of course, in the research scenario, the players were in the ideal world, with children at school, relatives at work, and even people working on their own tasks at home. In the current scenario, we are dealing with a number os interruptions that can become a problem.

Our tip for this problem came from our corporate accelerator, Laura Lamas: “I am at home with my relatives, every time I am joining a meeting, I place a sign in the door, as not to be interrupted. It has been working very well”. Rayssa, our head of marketing,  highlighted that in order to not decrease her productivity, she shares the house tasks. “We are helping each other a lot, my husband cooks one day, the next day it is my turn. We take turns so no one loses productive time”.

Culture change: focus on high performance

The culture of high performance was already applied here. A feared part by the team was the weekly management meetings. We use a very simple methodology, consistent of three colors: green, yellow, and red, in which green is the ideal color, yellow needs improvement, and red needs dedication to start running at 100%. Bruno França, our executive director, who was in charge of management, stressed that the person responsible for applying the methodology needs to be well focused so the deliveries continue to be due on time.

It is not necessary to be on “remote work mode” 100% of the time

To make up for the physical absence, our team meetings that were once monthly became weekly. In addition, our traditional happy hour – on Wednesday – was maintained and became what we named “remote beer”, which includes tours on the house of some team members through webcam.

Our contact is not limited to exchange of written messages. We also hold video call meetings, whether using FaceTime or Hangouts.

It is necessary to choose the right tools

With everyone on home office, there are not many opportunities to chat. In other words, the chat while getting coffee in the kitchen or the trip to the colleague’s table end up being an important part of the team’s communication.

Therefore, while in home office, people need to use the right tools. At Neo, we use Hangouts, Meet, Zoom, and WhatsApp. Our team also have access to Google Suite and all the cloud storage and file tools always available at hand.

It is important to keep updated always

In order to remote work works, in addition to the right tools, it is important to count on the team’s effort to keep up to date. Including information about the projects and, in case of managers, the tasks each person performs on a daily basis.

It is a good idea to set aside a time at the beginning of each day to discuss the tasks every person is doing. In few minutes the team exchange information and it is possible to keep up to date on what is happening with each project and what tasks need to be advanced or delayed.

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