5 reasons why Neo Ventures is your innovation partner

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5 reasons why Neo Ventures is your innovation partner

Today we bring 5 reasons for you to choose Neo Ventures as your partnership when investing in an innovation program for your business.

Neo Ventures develops people, companies and businesses through innovation, with an exclusive methodology and a team formed by entrepreneurs and market specialists!

We know that choosing an innovation consultancy can be a great way to bring more agility to your business.

1st reason: More agility for your business

Neo Ventures develops and executes innovation projects with a customized methodology according to the needs of each company, to solve problems and generate results with open innovation.

2nd reason: Sectoral hubs

One of our main differentials is that we work with sectoral hubs in the market, not just with individual customers. Today we have the dealer hub, automotive chain hub, Mining Hub, mining sector, Construction Icon Hub and many others. The hubs are programs that unite several companies for the purpose of innovation in the same area.

The word “hub” refers in technological language to a central piece, which receives the signals transmitted by the stations and relays them to all the others

Innovation hubs are initiatives aimed at generating business between startups and large companies, mainly. In addition, they are conducive to meeting people who interact, create, undertake, work and innovate together, in a network. They help in the development of technology-based companies with high growth potential.

3rd reason: Specialized Team

We have mentorships with a team of innovation specialists who monitor the development of POCs from start to finish.

Offering all the support in agile methodologies, management and solution of new ideas with a focus on generating results.

4th reason: Renowned companies that trust our work

5th: Our contribution to the innovation ecosystem in 2020

In the last year, our projects have impacted thousands of people who tirelessly seek to innovate in their organizations.

– The numbers were surprising, in all there were 26 new innovation programs in various sectors such as mining, construction, fashion, retail, automotive and many others.

– More than 2,344 startups signed up for these programs and accepted to be part of the challenges proposed by the companies.

– During the year, 1064 new challenges were mapped and 68 POCs were accelerated within the innovation programs.

– Of these, more than 50 were hired by the companies. Its solutions received investments, free access to the company’s physical infrastructure, business mentors and specialist technicians, in addition to exposure and visibility to the market linked to the maintaining company.

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